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Relais du Marais Paris

Set to change the traditional codes of hotels

Welcome home, welcome home!

The Hotel Le Relais du Marais is, above all, a human adventure.
One undertaken in 2001 by the Pirbay family around a favourite, although very ambitious,
project to transform a modest hotel in the Rue de Turbigo into a chic and welcoming three star establishment.

It’s a unique place of its kind. A place where it's good to be received, to spend time, to work.
An address that is different from other hotels in Paris; distinguished by a strong sense of warmth,
of welcome, of attentiveness to the needs of guests. An establishment whose commitment to quality does
not detract from the hospitality offered, and whose contemporary decor does not lessen its historic charm.

With the assistance of a firmly united team, loyal and friendly, the proprietors seek to transcend traditional hotel codes
to shape the hotel of their dreams. One where there is always a kind word, a listening ear and personal attention awaiting guests.

One where, far from any overtly commercial attitude and impersonally antiseptic atmosphere,
everyone can feel at home while they are away from home.
It’s a home from home.

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